Thomas Winston Thorpe is a marketing and communications professional, UI/UX designer and developer, and all around good guy living in Seattle with his better half and two neurotic cats.

He is an in–demand Web and mobile UI/UX visual designer with proven ability to transform concepts into online, interactive reality, and a savvy marketing professional with years of experience in branding, technical communications, and business analytics.


Assistant Director / Web Manager, Human Resources, University of Washington Seattle, Washington; 2013 — Present

  • Lead a team of designers, developers, writers, and marketers to promote Human Resources information and events.
  • Manage all Web sites for the Human Resources department.
  • Lead team of web content authors from all units within the larger department.

Work with team to find ways to promote information and events using both traditional and non-traditional marketing approaches. Collaborate with management and team to create a positive, productive, and supportive team culture and work environment. Mentor team on Web design, Web development, user experience, and content strategy. Create and maintain policies and procedures for Web design and development of the Web sites, including best practices and guidelines for success. Create, implement and maintain user experience, information architecture, accessibility, and front-end code for all Web sites. Write and maintain clean, semantic markup for stand along pages and content management system templates. Lead a team of web content authors from all units within the department. Monitor and report on analytics. Execute timely online communications and email campaigns.

  • Photo Database Intranet
  • The Whole U
  • (Personal) Staff Site
  • News and Notes Intranet

UI/UX Designer, Seattle, Washington; 2013 — 2013

  • Create complete sets of UX documentation for all products, including Information Architecture, Flow Charts, Interaction Maps, Personas, and Wireframes.
  • Create creative compositions and UI elements for all products.
  • Create and maintain brand guidelines, style guides, and all brand and UI assets.

Create and design the user experience and user interface of the next generation of products for a successful entertainment startup. Create UX documents, such as information architecture diagrams, interaction maps, and wireframes to show functionality and interactivity. Create UI designs to transform functionality requirements into branded, designed experiences. Work closely with development teams to hand-off UX and UI requirements and quality check results upon completion.

  • for Android
  • Brand Book
  • Interaction Maps
  • Wireframes

UX Designer / Developer, HasOffers Incorporated Seattle, Washington; 2012 — 2013

  • Created user experience flows and wireframes for a series of affiliate marketing Web sites.
  • Wrote and maintained front-end code for Web and mobile Web products.
  • Maintained WordPress blogs and marketing Web sites.

Created user experience flows, wireframes and compositions for a bootstrapped startup. Wrote, maintained and debugged front-end code for Web and mobile Web products, including sites specifically designed for iOS devices. Created and executed front-end development guidelines and style guides. Created working documents, functional specifications and project plans to ensure that both design and development are not only in sync, but are also delivering on time. Managed all design-based projects to ensure that designers are working on time and under budget.

  • HasOffers Main Web Site
  • HasOffers Affiliate Interface, Billing Section
  • HasOffers Affiliate Interface, Tools Section
  • HasOffers Affiliate Interface Interaction Maps
  • HasOffers Affiliate Interface Wireframes

Lead Web Designer, Groundspeak Incorporated Seattle, Washington; 2007 — 2012

  • Managed a team of Web and mobile designers responsible for shaping the design of the products and services.
  • Overnight increased premium-membership sales by 60% with calculated design changes.
  • Created the standards and practices for UI and UX design, including style guides and development guidelines.

Lead design for a series of independently branded GPS–enabled gaming Web sites. Designed and maintained a consistent Web presence across all sites while addressing the unique design challenges of each site. Coordinated and collaborated with team members on matters of graphic and interface design for Web properties. Worked with team members to create, refine and implement new designs for Web sites, marketing campaign Web sites, banner advertisements and other graphical treatments. Ensured cross–browser compatibility, usability and accessibility across all Web properties. Created and maintained design standards, brand books and identity guidelines for the corporation and all Web properties.

  • Geocaching System Status
  • Groundspeak Business Development
  • Geocaching Live
  • Geocaching
  • Geocaching Challenges
  • Garmin County Caching

Front–End Web Developer / Graphic Artist, Catalysis Corporation Seattle, Washington; 2006 — 2007

  • Worked directly with Microsoft employees and managers to create marketing campaigns for products and services.
  • Successfully executed all enterprise-level Windows Vista marketing campaign designs.
  • Worked on a wide variety of media from Web sites, CD/DVD kits to interactive presentations.

Developed the front–end components of Web applications. Acted as a technical resource for team members by maintaining standards and instructing others in: HTML mark–up authoring, dynamic HTML implementation, site architecture, template design and implementation, development tools, and user experience and interface best practices. Lead implementation of customer graphic design and mark–up and developed supporting documentation including imaging and site guidelines. Worked with team members to research, refine, and create new user experience methodologies and technologies for application in Web development. Instructed employees, clients and contractors in Web graphic production standards and developed supporting documentation and final production check–lists.

  • Microsoft Xbox Admin Console
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Resource (DVD) Kit
  • Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale
  • Microsoft Partner Program
  • Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server

Educational Consultant, Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, Maryland; 2002 — 2006

  • Created a series of programs to help train faculty and staff on Web Design and Development.
  • Managed a team of student-employees who worked with university staff in a one-on-one setting for Web Design and Development training.
  • Managed most internal and external university Web sites.

Developed the Training and Development department for Loyola University Maryland. Managed a team consisting of staff members and student employees. Responsible for converting Web sites from a static server to a Content Management System and training end users to manage their new sites. Responsible for delivering technical training classes and developing training class curricula. Assisted and met with members of the university to identify training needs and develop training plans and schedules. Responsible for setting the direction for the university’s approach to technical training, Web design and development training, development of training curricula and delivery methods, including published material, Internet–based offerings, and other leading–edge approaches.

  • The Loyola MBA
  • The Sesquicentennial Celebration of Loyola College in Maryland
  • Loyola College in Maryland

Web Administrator, Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, Maryland; 2000 — 2002

  • Oversaw the design and development of all university Web sites.
  • Decentralized Web maintenance tasks by introducing a content management system to the university.
  • Created Web style guides, brand books and templates that could be used to create any type of Web site.

Responsible for ongoing oversight of Web strategy and operations. Developed business plan and annual budget for Web–site functions. Accountable for budget, staff, staff planning, management, and product and service delivery. Oversaw operational activities of the Web sites with specific attention aimed at content creation and Web–site maintenance.

Web Developer, Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, Maryland; 1997 — 2000

  • Worked with a team to design and develop an event management system.
  • Created Web sites for university departments.
  • Updated and maintained the university’s central Web site.

Modified and created Internet and Intranet content. Reviewed content for accuracy and quality of information. Developed application definitions. Provided direction to writers and individuals responsible for converting text to Internet and Intranet pages. Lead the implementation of new user interfaces. Created page layouts and verified that pages provided optimal level of customer service to end–users.


  • Seattle Fire Real-Time 911 (2013)
    • Seattle Real-Time 911
  • ISITaYES? (2013)
    • ISITaYES?
    • ISITaYES? Personas
    • ISITaYES? Interaction Maps
    • ISITaYES? Wireframes
  • Bracket's Mercantile (2013)
    • Bracket's Mercantile
  • VeloRacks (2012)
    • VeloRacks Web Site
    • VeloRacks for iPhone
  • Zaprica (2012)
    • Zaprica Teaser Site
    • Zaprica Interaction Maps
    • Zaprica Wireframes
  • Math 4 Kids (2010)
    • Math 4 Kids
  • Feng Shui Planner (2010)
    • Feng Shui Planner
  • Hotopp Associates Limited (2008)
    • Hotopp Associates
  • Sandlot Management Consuntancy (2006)
    • Sandlot Management Consultancy



User Centered Design

  • Heuristics
  • Personas
  • Flow Charts
  • Wireframes
  • Creative Compositions

Development Skills

  • CSS / CSS3
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • / C#
  • PHP

Software Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Balsamiq / Napkee
  • OmniGraffle


  • Evergreen Apps Challenge Finalist for “VeloRacks” (2012)
  • Windows Phone 7 Showcase for “Geocaching Live” (2011)
  • Webby Award for “Geocaching iPhone Application” (2009)
  • Core Values Award, Loyola University Maryland (2003)
  • Student Employee of the Year, Loyola University Maryland (2000)
  • National Fellowship, US West Corporation (1999)
  • National Merit Scholar, Georgetown Preparatory School (1996)


“Thomas is a rare combination of awesome design, crisp, clean UX, great thought process and a fine ability to synthesis the thought process around product development. Give him an abstract product description and he will almost magically read your mind and produce UX flows and UI designs that you envisioned. His hard work, smart thinking and passion and dedication towards excellence in whatever he does makes him a very valuable contributor of the team. In addition to being technically brilliant, he is an exceptional people manager. Guiding, helping and mentoring his reports and team is second nature to him. It has been truly a pleasure to work with him and I hope to have more opportunities in the future.”

Nikhil Singhal, Vice President, Software Engineering, Groundspeak

“Thom is an extremely capable manager whose industry experience, technical proficiency, and design expertise make him an incredible resource. Thom is a meticulous designer with a proclivity toward cost-effective and customer-centric solutions. He has a keen understanding of how to match design principles with customer expectations and takes great care to ensure seamless user experiences across all web properties. Throughout the time we worked together, I was impressed by Thom’s generous and supportive nature; his continual mentorship was invaluable to my professional development. I would happily work with Thom again.”

Allison Urban, Front End Web Developer, Groundspeak

“Aside from an outstanding skill set, Thom’s greatest strengths are his ‘can do’ attitude and genuine pride in a job well done. He has a high level of patience blended with drive and enthusiasm. Thom gets the job done!”

Kendra Fuller, Director of Human Resources, Catalysis Corporation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Thom for the last 8 years. He is a dedicated professional and a hell of a good guy. Not to mention a patient trainer, a gifted web developer, and great project manager and the list could go on forever. I hope to work with [him] again in the future.”

James Van Houten, Sr. Network Security Engineer / Consultant, Loyola University Maryland